Locality: Peatmoor
Wallpaper, glossing and painting
Gorse Hill
Locality: Gorse Hill
Wallpaper and wood painting.
Locality: Swindon
Exterior window and door painting
Locality: Cirencester
Decoration of a hairdresser's salon
Pinehurst - Swindon
Locality: Pinehurst - Swindon
Interior painting with dark colours.
Haydon Wick - Swindon
Locality: Haydon Wick - Swindon
Outside painting.
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Kitchen and W.C Floor

Oh fantastic that looks absolutely great

by Harry in Swindon

Painting and Wallpaper well done.

We very pleased with J Castelo work. Thank you for everything and your help, as well.

by Monika in Swindon

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We use the newest techniques and the best type of paint in your house, taking in consideration, the quality and condition of the area we need to paint.

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Old wallpaper to remove? New wallpaper to hang? Our team can give you the options you need, we will use the best ways to be fast, clean and leave you happy with your new walls.

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In our team we have an expert painter and two assistant painters, a team of specialised cleaners and for bigger jobs, a project manager.

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