J.Castelo is a versatile company with more than 20 years of experience in the business of painting and decorating.

We do everything from painting and decorating to gardening and de-cluttering.

We clean and maintain your home, property or office with our cleaning department. We work based on Swindon, but we cover the whole of Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Bath.

Our custumers are usually private individuals, with whom we are pleased to work. We aim to improve their lives by giving them a result which we and they can be proud of, as well as reducing stress for them while we're doing the work. Because our work is fast but with quality we manage to practice excelent rates. 

As painter and decorator, we prepare the work area and carry out every stage of the job according to the customer 's wishes. As painters we do filling, plastering, sanding and apply primary before painting. Before the work is finish we apply the necessary coats of paint for a perfect finish, without increasing the cost to the customer. We also do covering and skirting. As decorators we apply (install) wallpaper horizontally or vertically, according to the pattern. We can remove (stripping) your wallpaper if you wish to replace it or paint your walls instead. Since applying fixtures or mirrors can be challenging we can do that for your too.

We can also renovate your kitchen, install counter tops and cabinets, tiling, inbuilt kitchen equipment, etc

Our Bathroom team will be able to fully change your bathroom with all the sanitary ware needed and plumbing

Our gardening services include rooting out, planting, cleaning, weeding and re-potting your garden according with your needs.

Our cleaning department does either pre-programmed cleanings on, say, a weekly basis, but also does one off’s such as spring cleanings and move out cleanings.

We also install wooden floors and doors to your preferences and requirements

Do you need it fast? Do you need it perfect and at a good price?

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Kitchen and W.C Floor

Oh fantastic that looks absolutely great

by Harry in Swindon

Painting and Wallpaper well done.

We very pleased with J Castelo work. Thank you for everything and your help, as well.

by Monika in Swindon

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We use the newest techniques and the best type of paint in your house, taking in consideration, the quality and condition of the area we need to paint.

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Old wallpaper to remove? New wallpaper to hang? Our team can give you the options you need, we will use the best ways to be fast, clean and leave you happy with your new walls.

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Our Team


In our team we have an expert painter and two assistant painters, a team of specialised cleaners and for bigger jobs, a project manager.

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